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Cat Pictures

Chuckles the Cat Memorial Page

Buddy's Pics

Zoey's Memorial Page, She passed away due to FIV

Vacation and Scuba Diving Photos

Akumal Beach Resort (Via Sister Website xtcscuba.com)

Akumal Bay Snorkeling and Scuba Diving (Via sister website, Xtcscuba.com)


Roatan - Fantasy Island Resort Photos  (April 2006)

Roatan - Scuba Diving Photos (April 2006)


All Riviera Resort - Playa Del Carmen Mexico (Feb 2006)


La Romana - Dominican Republic, Viva Dominicus Beach Resort (Wyndham) - Above Water Photos (Nov 2005)

La Romana - Scuba Diving Photos (Nov/Dec 2005)


Bonaire - Above Water Photos (Oct 2005)

Bonaire - Scuba Diving Photos (Oct 2005)


Belize Scuba Diving Photos (May 2004)

Belize Non-Underwater Photos, Check out the Dolphins! (May 2004)


Barcelo Beach Hotel, Punta Cana, Dominican Republic Photos (February 2005)

Turks & Caicos, Aruba, and Key West Scuba Photos

Ixtapa Photos (Taken from my hotel room at the Barcelo in March 2004)

Curacao - December 2002

Mexico – March 2002  - Coba & Tulum Ruins and Sunscape Tulum Resort (Formerly Gran Sole Real)



Twin Cities Restaurant Reviews

Concert and Activity Reviews

Who is Snorky?

Snorky lives in Burnsville, MN, and his hobbies include: (in no particular order)

Listening to Music, roller blading, ice skating, Tennis, riding my PWC, playing with my cats, The Timberwolves, working out on occasion, biking, watching movies, volleyball, camping, fishing, bowling, playing cards and board games, hackey sack, travel to Mexico and other tropical islands/locations, scuba diving, snorkeling, reading, hanging out with friends or family, and many other wonderful things.

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UPDATE:    To those using MyPoints.  BEWARE!!!!    I have to tell you the story of my MyPoints experience.     I had used MyPoints for a few years and had read their emails and purchased products from their businesses to accumulate more points.    I had started to accumulate a decent number of points, as I was working towards one of the bigger rewards.  (15,000+)    Well, that is when I started having trouble with their service.   First, the emails that came to me started containing invalid links, so I couldn’t earn points.    When I tried to send notes to their Customer service about this, they told me it was a problem with my “internet explorer”, cookies, and numerous other things, even though I had not made any changes to my IE or my environment.  (Plus, I had told them if I changed the link the email had, I could actually get the points.)    Then shortly after I told them I had tried everything they said, and how I could get points after all if I changed the link they emailed, (adding www to the front of the link)  I stopped getting any emails from them at all.   After the frustration I had trying to tell them about the email problem before, and going back and forth, I just let it drop for a while.     So after a while, I just forgot about them, since I had not received any emails from them to get more points.      Well, after a few months went by, I remembered I needed to check back to see what my points were, and at least use them.   Well, little did I know, they had inactivated and removed my account!!!    So when I tried to get my points back, they would not give them to me.      They did not try to make any effort to contact me before they removed my account and points.    I believe this to be a standard practice.  You will start accumulating points, but if you get too many, they will stop sending you emails.  They are hoping you will forget all about them and therefore Let your account go inactive so they can remove your account and any points associated with it.   And if you try to get them back, they will tell you that it was in their “terms of service”, so you should have known about it.   (Yes, we all read and remember every word of every term of service we see!  RIGHT!)   So BEWARE!   If you stop getting Mypoints Emails, get on and immediately redeem your points!   They will not let you get your points back if you go inactive, which is exactly what they want you to do, so they don’t have to pay out anything with you trying to redeem points!      So if you have MyPoints, cash in your points immediately, and get whatever you can.  I believe if you accumulate too many points, they will start the practice of not sending you emails, hoping you will forget about them, so they won’t have to pay out on the huge point redemptions.  My advice, get out of Mypoints while you can, and take out what you can.   They are in the practice of deceiving, and you shouldn’t take any part of it.   


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