Pink Floyd Laser Spectacular


I attended the Pink Floyd Laser Spectacular at the Historic State Theater in Downtown Minneapolis on Saturday, March 19th, 2005.

I had never been to one of these shows before, so had almost no idea what to expect.


On arriving to the State Theater and going through where they take the tickets, I realized that I was going to have to pay for some special goggles in order to watch the show.  I had seen on the Laser Spectacular web site, that there would be goggles, but had no idea I would have to pay more for the goggles.  Well, they were only $2 a piece, but I hate being nickled and dimed to death at every function I go to.  (Hence my dislike of the highway robbery going on at Ticketmaster)


Anyway, after getting my goggles and sitting in to see the show, I was amazed at how good most of the show was.   If you like lasers, I would say you will like this.   The goggles add a certain 3-D effect to the whole thing, as well as more than quadrupling the lasers you see.  It’s kind of surreal as you see the lasers going through the people’s heads in front of you.  (or appear to)     There was a lot of repetition of the actual laser motions or drawings though.  I think more originality of designs and motions would enhance the show greatly.    Most songs there were a lot of lasers happening (as well as a video playing on the screen), but some songs had hardly any lasers, and mostly video.  I would say those few songs were a bit boring.


The Music of Pink Floyd certainly adds a surreal quality to the whole laser theme, and makes for an enjoyable experience.


Overall I would rate the whole experience here as a 8 or 10, and would recommend you check the show out next time it comes to town.


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